Frameshift builds transformative life sciences companies

We are a multi-disciplinary team of entrepreneurs – physicians, scientists, engineers, financiers – dedicated to launching and building transformative life sciences companies.

Our Approach

We combine deep scientific expertise with a keen eye towards projects that can be brought to market in a capital-efficient and rapid manner. Our companies are born via an ideation process that draws upon the breadth of our experience and expertise across therapeutics, services, devices and tech. Interesting concepts are subjected to rigorous “hard diligence” (e.g. clinical rationale, manufacturability, regulatory, commercial viability, etc.), after which we work with our partners (both academic and industry) to establish products, pipelines and companies that can change medicine. We provide the initial funding and management necessary to grow our companies to a reasonable first value inflection point – typically equivalent to seed financing. Once our initial development process is complete, we seek out the right partners to provide the expert and patient capital required of all successful biotechnology endeavors.

Our Focus

Frameshift builds companies across the spectrum of life sciences-related products and services, including therapeutics, services, devices and tech. Current areas of development interest include:

  • Therapeutics: immuno-oncology, infectious diseases, immunology, ophthalmics
  • Services: bioprocess development, automated systems development for biomanufacturing, contract biologics manufacturing, strategic advisory & diligence
  • Devices: bioprocessing instrumentation, purification systems, cell culture, robotics
  • Tech: bioinformatics, industry-specific NLP, sector-specific CRM & financial informatics

Although our companies span a diverse healthcare footprint, the common thread in these projects is our team and partners: we focus on translating life science programs that are compatible with our background in drug development (e.g. oncology, immunology, and ophthalmics) and that leverage informatics and automation.

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